The Baykonur Cosmodrom is located amid semi-desert about 250km north-west of Kizyl-Orda. In 1961 this place has once and for all become historical for the whole planet of Earth. It was here where the faith of our civilization was decided and the countdown of new cosmonautic era started. From June 2 to June 4, 2000 the town celebrated its 45th anniversary of Baykonur (former Leninsk). Those originally involved in construction from very beginning could not even imagine that the construction they took part in was aimed to build first ever cosmodrom from where heavy duty human-bearing rockets would be launched in the near future. There was no such word as "cosmodrom" in Russian dictionary at that time and most suitable term for the object of construction was the "experimental range". On August 21st, 1957 the intercontinental ballistic rocket R-7 was successfully launched. On October 4, 1957 similar rocket had taken the first artificial sputnik of Earth to the orbit