Naryn region

Naryn region has unique tourist resources: picturesque passes, deep gorges, the rapid mountain rivers, tremendous lakes and water falls, eternal snows and glaciers, and also ancient original culture – all this makes the area unique.

Naryn – the centre of Naryn region is the starting point for many tourist routes on Tien-Shan ridges. Lasting many days horse and trekking tours, and also Marko polo archers and wild mountain goats hunting tours start from here. On the territory of the area you can also meet various mammals: Tien-Shan mountain ram, Siberian deer, red wolf, Middle Asian gazelle, a bear, a lynx and snow leopard.

The rapid Naryn river is like specially intended for those who feel lack of extreme in their life. Naryn is the largest river in the country extending for 600 km. Here is the excellent place for rafting of all categories of complexity.

And if you don’t prefer water tourism, than Naryn area will offer you to visit archeological sites: “Tash-Rabat” caravanserai – unique architectural monument of early Middle Ages and Koshoy-Korgon site of ancient settlement of VII – VIII centuries. The “Tash-Rabat” caravanserai was coaching inn for merchants and travelers who went from Central Asia to China along the Great Silk road. Koshoy-Korgon site of ancient settlement 9the city of one of athletes of legendary Manas epos), located in 12 km from At-Bashi village, represents the remains of a fortress city on caravan trading road existed in VII-X centuries in which there were head quarters of Turkic Khans.

Chatyr-Kel – one of the largest high-mountain lakes of Kyrgyzstan (154 sq. kms area, 11 kms width, 23 kms length, 19 m depth) in translation from Kyrgyz means “celestial lake” which is situated on 3520 m height above the sea level in the western part of Ak-Say valley is another highlight of this region. Outskirts of the lake are picturesque green oasis with wild flora where red marmots, mountain goats and snow leopards live. This lake is also a place of nesting of wild geese, birds and ducks registered in the Red Book.