Cities of Kyrgyzstan

Cities of Kyrgyzstan - Naryn region

Naryn region

Naryn region has unique tourist resources: picturesque passes, deep gorges, the rapid mountain rivers, tremendous lakes and water falls, eternal snows and glaciers, and also ancient original culture – all this makes the area unique. Naryn – the centre of Naryn region is the starting point for many tourist routes on Tien-Shan ridges. Lasting many days horse and trekking tours, and also …

Cities of Kyrgyzstan - Karakol city

Karakol city

Karakol – the biggest city and administrative centre of Issyk-Kul region is located on the foothills of Terskey-Alatoo ridge in the creek of Karakol river (in 13 kms from east coast of Issyk-Kul lake). This unique city is hidden from the outside glance among Central Tien-Shan ridges on 1770 m height above the sea level in the neighborhood with such majestic summits as Pobeda Peak (7439 m) and …

Cities of Kyrgyzstan - Osh


Osh is the second-largest city of Kyrgyzstan – the "southern capital", the city located in the east of Ferghana valley, at the height of more than 1000 m above the sea level. Today this ancient city is an administrative centre of the Osh area. It is a large economic and cultural centre with the population approximately 250 thousand people who has kept unique charm of the ancient East. From three …

Cities of Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek


Bishkek (former Frunze) is the largest city and the capital of Kyrgyzstan with a population about 1 million people. It is situated on Kyrgyz Ala-Too snow covered mountains foothills on the altitude 750-900 m above the sea level. There are a lot of legends about the name of the city. One version says that it was the name local athlete, which made a lot of deeds for ordinary people. "Bishkek" translated …