Arslanbob is unique creation of the nature, a blossoming oasis at height of 1600 m above the sea level and one of the most beautiful resorts which is situated in the south of Kyrgyzstan.

The Arslanbob area is located in the tract of Babash-Ata ridge, on the western and southern slopes of Ferhana and Chatkal ridges and first of all it is well-known for its tremendous relic nut-fruit woods occupying 608,5 thousand hectares in total. These are the largest nut-fruit forest tracts on our planet. Up to 130 kinds of trees and bushes among which there are walnut, pistachio, almonds, pear, apple tree, cherry plum, currant and others grow here. Woods differ by many-tier and various little bush forests.

The walnut tree is the subject of a special pride of these mountain forests which can live up to 1000 years, reach the huge sizes (the height up to 30 m, trunk diameter up to 2 m) and bear the fruit abundantly. There are some trees which yield a crop up to 200-400 kg of nuts per year. Leaves and fruits of walnut trees possess medicinal properties, contain many vitamins, microelements and other nutritive materials. Besides, the walnut wood is very valuable material for manufacturing the qualitative furniture and various souvenir products. And local citizens remember till now a legend that once Alexander the Great himself carried the favorite fruits to his far homeland which initiated nut gardens of Greece (then the given kind of a plant has received the name – Greek nut). According to the legend, in ancient times a hard-worker by name Arslanbob, serving to Prophet Mohammed lived here. He decided to plant many walnut, peach, apricot, plum, pistachio and apple trees, having transformed this place in truly paradise place.

Unique in all the world relic walnut forests are not the only charm of Arslanbob. The mountain rivers promptly carry their white foam waters in rocky gorges at height of 2200 m above the sea level. Sometimes they are broken far downwards, creating thus fantastic waterfalls. Horseback riding or trekking to picturesque Small and Big waterfalls, trips to Sacred (Mirror) lake, to the Sacred stone (important places of pilgrimage for Central Asia Muslims) and to caves will add your impressions with fantastic elements of exotic.