Mountain Guides

Our mountain guides are professionals in their job. They ascended to the seven-thousandth peaks more than once. They will confidently lead you along the rough routs through glaciers and rocks and cheer up when you are flat-out. With their help, you will pass any route. You can always trust our guides!

Rustam Radzhapov Rafael Musin Andrew Fyodorov
Fyodor Lyabin Gregory Trebisovsky Andrew Abakumov

Alexander Chernykh Ferdaus Demenskaya Khanif Balmagambetov
Nikolay Skuba Alexandr Sokolov Yuriy Lyabin
Denis Urlaev Andrew Kornienko
Alexandr Reznikov
Svetlana Troynina
Ruslan Radjapov
Fyodor Tyuplyaeyv