Sights of Tajikistan

Sights of Tajikistan - Mountain Badakhshan

Mountain Badakhshan

The Mountain Badakhshan is a marvelous mountain country. There are only two similar places over the world: Tibet and Bolivia high mountains. You can reach the Mountain Badakhshan on one of the most high-mountain highway in the world – Pamir Highway with extension of 728 km via the highest pass in the CIS – Ak-Baital (4641 m), crossing the deepest gorges, high-mountain deserts, where only yaks are …

Sights of Tajikistan - Sarez Lake

Sarez Lake

There are more than two thousands lakes on the territory of Tajikistan and the Sarezskoe Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes. It is situated in the middle of the high mountains land Pamir. It was formed in winter 1911, when due to an earthquake the valley of the Bartang (Murgab) river – the main confluent of the Amudarya River, has been obstructed by mass of stones that slept down and created …

Sights of Tajikistan - Fan Mountains

Fan Mountains

The Fan Mountains are a popular tourist destination situated in north-west Tajikistan. The Fan Mountains area is convenient for visiting. A paved road from Dushanbe going to the largest Pamir-Alai lake - lake Iskandarkul - leads to this place via the 3,372m Anzob Pass. Another paved road runs from Panjakent. One more road from Khujand runs through Istravshan (formerly Uroteppa) and the 3,351m Shahriston …

Sights of Tajikistan - Fedchenko glacier

Fedchenko glacier

Fedchenko glacier is the largest in the former USSR and one of the biggest in the world. It is 77 km long and from 1700 to 3100m wide. It springs from the foot of the Revolucii Peak at north mountainside of the Yazgulemskiy mountain range and runs along east mountainside of the Science Academy mountain range. Ice in the middle of the glacier is approximately 1000m thick, the glacier’s rate of …