Fishing tour for marinka

Marinka fish is a native inhabitant of mountain rivers of Ugam-Chatkal national park. And there only, far in the mountains you can fish worthy big specimen. The main reason is remoteness from human settlements. A motor road is led to the place of fishing, the road was built by geologists in the middle of XX century. During the journey to the place of fishing you will see many the most beautiful natural landscapes and feel aura of wild nature and isolation from civilization. It offers tent camp on the bank of river for guests among birches and willows. The fisher-instructor will show you the places of fishes’ habitats and tell about mountain fishing peculiarities. The cook will offer you several variants of fish cooking. In the evening in camp the bonfire and exchange of daily impressions of fishing events are obligatory.

About fish:

MARINKA (Schizothorah) Length is up to 50-80 sm, mass is up to 8 kg. Small scales covers body fully, side line is complete. Pharyngeal teeth are three-line. The most of kinds have the last nonbranching ray in dorsal fin, which is presented the enough slack thorn with minimum perceptible ripple (young specimen has more noticeable ripple). The color of body is differed, grey-yellow and olive-green colors typical for ground fishes are prevailed. Its mouth can be lower, semi-lower and even ending (pickerel marinka). It has 2 pairs of barbels.

It’s spread in water reservoirs of Asia, including in rivers of Central Asia and Transcaucasia. The fish goes up enough high in mountains, but doesn’t reach typically mountain parts, and inhabits lakes, middle currant of rivers and foothills. The most of marinka is omnivorous; it consumes vegetable as also animal food. Big marinka is often predatory.

Its roe is enough big and roe’s cover is semi-adhesive. Roe and pellicle of peritoneum are poisonous in the raw state. Poisonous properties of its roe are vanished in water.

Place of fishing: Republic of Uzbekistan, Ugam-Chatkal State National Nature Park.
River: Ok bulak.

The most favorable season: May - November.

Type of transport: NIVA or UAZ cars.


Day 1

07:00 – departure from Tashkent;
09:00 – arrival on Chatkal river;
09:00-09:30 – departure from Chatkal river on Ok bulak river;
09:30-11:30 – way to the place of fishing;
11:30-13:00 – organization of tent camp and assembling of fishing-tackle;
13:00-14:00 – lunch;
14:30-19:00 – fishing with participation of fisher master;
19:00-20:00 – dinner;
22:00 - rest;

Day 2

07:00-08:00 – breakfast;
08:00–11:00 – fishing;
13:00-14:00 – lunch;
14:00-17:00 – rest after lunch;
17:00-20:00 – fishing;
20:00-21:00 – dinner;
22:00 - rest;

Day 3

06:00-06:30 – breakfast;
06:30-12:00 – fishing;
12:00-13:00 – lunch;
13:00-17:00 – rest after lunch;
17:00-20:00 – fishing;
20:00-21:00 – dinner;
21:00-22:00 – rest;

Day 4

06:00-07:00 – breakfast;
07:00:09:00 – assembling of camp;
09:00-11:00 – back way: from the place of fishing up to Chatkal river;
11:00 – departure to Tashkent;
13:00 – arrival in Tashkent

The tour cost includes:

• Transportation by car on the route Chatkal river – Ok bulak river (the place of fishing) - Chatkal river;
• Accommodation in tents (including karemats and sleeping-bags);
• Everyday 3-times meals during the whole tour;
• Services of fisher-instructor;
• Fishing-tackle (in case of if tour participant doesn’t have one);
• Permit for entering in closed zones;

The tour cost doesn’t include:

• Transportation TashkentChatkal river – Tashkent (if necessary transportation will be organized for additional payment)

Information for tour participants:

Clothes and equipment:

1. boots for mountain walking or sports footwear with good sole;
2. fishing suit or tracksuit of dark colors;
3. thermo underwear or warm underwear (spring/autumn season);
4. wool socks;
5. slippers for walking in camp;
6. sweater;
7. cap;
8. raincoat-jacket;
9. head lamp;
10. penknife;
11. private first-aid set;
12. lip care stick;
13. toilet set;
14. passport.