Hiking - Trekking in Uzbekistan

Visiting Uzbekistan you do not have to limit yourself to discover only historical cities like Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva: you can find wonderful hiking routes almost in every region of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan’s nature beauty observation attracts everyone. You will also have an opportunity to deep into the world of eternal nature’s beauty and even conquer it!
Many people coming to these fabulous places get amazing experience and bring home impressions indelible during whole their life! Uzbekistan always was a mystery, attracting attention of people all over the world.

‘Asia Travel Discoveries’ Co. would like to offer you several hiking routes organized in area located close to historical cities of Uzbekistan as the most of the hiking tours have already been looked over by our tour operators.
Working more than 20 years in tourism sphere, our company has organized different hiking itineraries (long trips and 1day tours) in Uzbekistan Mountains, deserts and villages. There is an extensive hiking area in this region. It is possible to offer any type of hiking with any level of difficulty and duration for any choice. And most of them are studied by our experienced guides. Each season could be chosen for the hiking (with taking to account weather conditions, of course). So, just come and check it out!

Our recommendations for short hiking routes are:

  1. Go Early: you will have successful hiking day in case you start it early in the morning. Getting started at 04:00 a.m. sounds extremely first but it’s really make sense. It’s much better to reach the pass before midday due to have successful descent on the way back during afternoon hours. Another benefit of early starting is a cool weather.
  2. Go Fast: Actually don’t go fast.  The goal is to minimize time for the ascent by developing a consistent pace with a minimum of rest stops. One can usually spot a novice hiker by bursts of speed, followed by many rest stops. Our guide will help you to choose suitable speed of hiking.
  3. Go Far and Go High:  Early+Light+Fast enables one to go Far+High in one day and return to the creature comfort.  A marathon-like distance with large elevation changes are made possible by this thinking.  The personal challenge is to go as far and high as you can.
‘Asia Travel discoveries’ Co. would like to offer the following itineraries for your attention: