“To sources of the river Bulaksu” - (Western Tien- Shan; Kungurbuka ridge)

“To sources of the river Bulaksu” -  (Western Tien- Shan; Kungurbuka ridge). The route runs on picturesque gorge of the river Bulaksu with rise on top Kungurbuka (1981m). From top one of the most fascinating panoramas of a valley of the river Chirchik, lake Charvak and four ridges Western Tien -Shan opens. Departure Tashkent at 07:00. Road from Tashkent to Charvak. Moving up to “Khojakent” railway station (L=70 km; T=1hr 30min). The beginning of a hiking itinerary is from a Children’s summer camp. On a good track along the right riverside of small Bulaksu river we rise on pass "Bulaksu". On the first part hikers pass through a narrow, picturesque part of the gorge and rise on a slope of the left riverside. From pass simply rise to the top. Lunch. Rest and observation of a magnificent panorama of surrounding mountains and valleys. After short rest, descent to the road. Meeting with bus. After rock observation transfer to Tashkent (L=75 km; T=1hr 30min).The program is suitable for any age tourists.