Palace of Khudoyar Khan (1871-1973 years).

"Urda" or "Palace of Hudoyarhan" is a well-preserved palace complex, which was built in 1871 year by architect named Mir Ubaidullo. For the construction of the palace many masters not only of Kokand, but also from Namangan, Kanibadam and Chust were drawn.
The total area of the palace buildings is 4 acres. Its foundation was raised by 3 meters from a ground level. And namely for this reason, in order to enter the front gate, a special road-ramp was built on the eastrn side at the foot of which copper and cast iron cannons stood every time. At the grand portal between the two towers Arabic inscription of colored majolica was lined: "Great Said Muhammad Khudoyar Khan."
The palace itself was surrounded by a beautiful carved stone wall. A faceted minaret flaunted on its right flank, decorated with ceramic tiles the coloring of which mimicked the Fergana abre silk.
Inside the palace was consisted of seven courtyards and 119 rooms that were decorated with openwork ganj, ornamental painting and gilded alabaster cornices. The richest decorations adorned the throne room and reception of Khan. Treasury and arsenal were also located nearby. Richly decorated rooms were designed for his four wives and six children. In addition, one of the courtyards housed a harem.