Uzbek cuisine and features of the national party.

uzbek cuisine, uzbekistan cuisineWell, our inquisitive travelers, today you will get acquainted with the cuisine of Uzbekistan. Without any exaggeration we can say that Uzbek cuisine, this is a great discovery for the European people. I hope you are not on a diet and "thanks God" completely healthy, but otherwise you will not be able to feel a hundredth part of those delightful sensations, that a meeting with the famous Uzbek dishes promises you.

patyr - uzbek brad, uzbekistan cuisine, uzbek dastarkhanThe fact is that in Uzbekistan, so was historically, meat dishes flavored with spices are very popular. And the main method of cooking is considered to be a frying in fat. Everything is used to be fried, and meat and vegetables, and even the pastry, thus, the high-calorie meals may seem a bit greasy for the Europeans. And yet, the main meal, is traditionally appointed on the evening, when the heat subsides and the whole family gathers at home for dastarkhan.

So, adjust your temperament as a meal in the east does not suffer fuss. Please be patient, because the feast is not only a way to satisfy hunger, feast is a kind of a philosophy. And here is the reason to get acquainted with this philosophy better, you are invited to visit! 


uzbek plov, uzbekistan cuisine, uzbek dastarkhanWelcome, dear guests, sit down. A courteous host always will specify the place for everyone who came, and the more it is farther from the entrance, the more important guest for him.
What are you so surprised at? Is it that you will have to sit on the floor at a low table (hantahta)? Well, first of all, you wanted something exotic, and secondly, it is surprisingly comfortable, because you have a soft mattress (kurpacha), and there is a great number of pillows for your, on which you can sit if you wish.
An owner, meanwhile, poured a scented tea into bowls, without which no meal costs, and it is usually passed to the crowd with a slight bow. No - no, he is not greedy, just in the East it is not a habit to refill the bowl to the brim, so that the guest is not burned and the host had an occasion to care for the guest, often pouring fresh tea. Therefore, now that you are properly poured the tea "with respect". 


uzbek dishes dastarhan, uzbekistan cuisine

A dastarkhan already is breaking from the sliced ​​fruit, unimaginable sweets, various nuts and fragrant smelling baking. There is a ripe grapes and honey melon, and the beautiful hills of pistachios and juicy samsa, and golden bogorsaki all here. And why there is a surprise on his face again? You are not late and it's not a dessert, all this magnificence can and should be there before and after, and during the meal, and is considered to be a type of a snack.

Time flies with a great speed, when you drink a flavored tea and lead an unhurried conversation. But there's the master bending and giving guests the bread - the famous Uzbek bread. Do not be confused, tortillas must necessarily be based on face-to-top, and otherwise there is disrespect to the bread, while in Uzbekistan it is considered to be a great sin. Especially because you are not now served daily fresh obi-non, but a rich festive patir. The hosts tried hard, so try to be the same in your own turn.
There can be one imperceptible gesture, and in front of you, as if by magic, vegetables, salads, greens, and a tangent with what it smells delicious, grow in front of you. What are you treated today by? Perhaps it is a covered with a golden skin shurpa with nohat (local peas) or mastava, seasoned with a clotted cream (a kind of heavy cream), and maybe the owner tried and prepared lagman or mampar. One way or another, but the soup is that you can not escape. In case you want a full immersion into the atmosphere, put a spoon aside and try to drink the soup over the edge, helping yourself with a piece of pastille. Nowadays, it is no longer done here, but you will not be condemned, as it is a tradition.
Following the soup, there are more dishes (lagans) with golden pilaf on the table. Of course, it can be and manta and stuffed peppers, and seemed kabob, and dimlyama, but today the selected win-win situation is. Pilaf is a "Brand" of Uzbek dish, came down to us from immemorial time, and has over a hundred variants of cooking, which are able to melt the heart of anybody. And what can still be a surprise after such a rich feast?
Well, now you need pillows, carefully slipped back under you. Do you drink tea? Because drinking a hot tea after a pilaf is the first priority thing! And try fruits, and maybe you would like Samsa (kind of puff pastries)?
Are you already full? Well, you wonder, look how clever host narrowed his eyes, kebabs are already getting through on the grill in his yard. Now it will be immediately served.
A well-done, expiring transparent juice tender meat, marinated in spices, alternating on the skewer with thin slices of mutton fat asks to take part in the feast. Sliced ​​incredibly thin semicircles onions, sprinkle with vinegar, infused with red pepper pods, but freshly-achchik chuchuk salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions) - the continued formation of kebab, captivating slides were frozen next to the magnificent dish.
Perhaps it will be able to return you to life? No?

But you have been warned, it's not so easy with the Uzbek hospitality!
Well, well, do not be upset. It is really very difficult, but it is simply impossible to try everything at once. Tomorrow will be a new day and you certainly, again will be invited to someone’s home, and all because of a country like this, an extremely friendly. And there are new foods and new experiences, and if you're a real connoisseur of good cooking, you will undoubtly become a frequent visitor here. Now you did not still try even one hundredth of our dishes. That there is a sumalak prepared for Navruz - Oriental New Year, you will not be capable to try this anywhere or nisholda is a special dish for holding the post (uraza). That does not make any sense, to enumerate the dishes because as the saying goes: "How many times do not say "paste" it will not become sweeter in your mouth."

Come in Uzbekistan, here you will not only be offered delicacies, but it will also be shown you how all this is being prepared. Believe me, cooking is not of a less exciting experience than its absorption. Come all the secrets and subtleties of the local cooking will be revealed for you, you will be also shared with recipes, in order that you always had a little piece of oriental fairy tales in your house!

Welcome, dear guests!

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