You may disagree, but shurpa is the most favorite dish in Central Asia. Well, judge for yourself, each a provincial tea-house as well as a very pathos restaurant shurpa is being cooked the whole day round. Neither pilaf, no lagman, not even kabob, but namely shurpa, which by its popularity and practicality left far behind almost every dish of ethnic cuisine.
  In the East shurpa is used to be a significant dish. It seems to be absolutely simple, however do not be in a hurry, that is not such a way. Shurpa is a culinary convertible, as with a change in certain ingredients it can be: curative, restorative, stimulating and even a good relaxant.
  Do you need examples? Please, get them…
A very bold and hot shurpa prepared of lamb helps to heal anemia, rheumatism, pneumonia, tuberculosis; a lean beef shurpa on herbs will be useful for ulcer. A postoperative patients are recommended to eat a sparsely shurpa with mashed vegetables. A hot and spicy shurpa stimulates potency. This food is also provided in maternity cases, when milk comes bad.
It may seem that all this is simply an advertising idea. Not at all, look at in the Canon of Medicine of Abu Ali Ibn Sina and see it for yourself.
And this is a modern surveillance of shurpa beneficial effects on human health.
Nothing is capable to strengthen the nervous system after an economic crisis like the looking at your neighbors - oligarch eating a delicious shurpa at the next table in your favorite inexpensive cafe. Shurpa is the best way to overcome the social contradictions, because almost everybody, regardless of the age, gender and financial status, loves it.
 And there is something else, especially for men. Did you know that the morning after a noisy holiday, instead of pills of alkozelttser, it is much better to dine with a hot oily and spicy shurpa. Complete cure is not guaranteed, but organism occurs a significant relief immediately, as knowledgeable people say…
For such properties for this dish I suggest to declare shurpa to be considered the treasure of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the country in the whole – a spa resort, and take the additional money for entrance into its territory. Of course this is a joke…
So what is shurpa? If you believe the dry language of academic definitions, shurpa - is a kind of filling soup, popular in the East, characterized by a high fat content, the presence of large-size cut vegetables and the abundance of spices and herbs, with the addition of fruit.
There are two types of this dish in Uzbekistan, which differ in the way of preparation:
-Kaurma – is a fried shurpa, where the basic ingredients are: meat, onion, carrot, pre-fried in a cauldron, and only then water is added. Then it all is cooked until being ready with plenty of spices and herbs;
-Kaynatma – is a boiled shurpa. In this embodiment, nothing is fried. Everything is cooked for a long time over a low heat.
It is unnecessarily to say that a dish has hundreds of recipes, differing in composition of ingredients, depending on time of year, region of residence and affiliations of cooks. And they all have a right to exist.
I would like to tell you one of the most popular recipes.
Buy at the market (where meat is fresh) 500grams of lamb. It will be better to find ribs with a slight touch of fat. 100 grams of yellow Asian pea (nuhat, nohat, chickpeas). We soaked it for sale, but you will have to soak it in a warm water at the rate of 2 / 1 (it swells much) in the evening, in case you intend to cook the next day. Two large onions, a couple of medium carrots, 4-5 potatoes, 2 pieces of tomatoes, 2 pieces of Bulgarian pepper, one head of garlic, a small turnip of shalgan, 50 grams of vegetable oil.
Of spices choose: Zira (cumin), coriander, red chili peppers (ground), salt.
Herbs: cilantro, dill, parsley.
Heat a vegetable oil in a cauldron and fry a minced lamb in batches with one onion, which is cut into half rings. Fry it all until a golden brown. Then add the spices and salt it up to taste. Fill it with a boiling water at a rate of 2 cups per serving (this is important: in the process of cooking the water can not be added or diminished).  Wait until it boils and skim. Put the second bulb, cut into four pieces, garlic cloves, peas (water should be pre-merge), and carrots chopped into cubes 1x3cm. All this should be cooked on low heat during an hour. An hour later add peeled tomatoes, that are cut into six pieces, Bulgarian pepper, cut into four pieces and peeled turnips in full ( finally, it will be thrown. Although it depends on taste, many people like it).
All this should be ​​boiled for another half an hour up to nuhat readiness. Be sure to try the salt and pepper, if needed, add more. After half an hour, put the potatoes cut a large size as well as the rest of vegetables, cook until it’s done. Five minutes before the end, add cutting greens. After turning off the heat, give let the dish stay for 10-15 minutes. This is the most difficult moments of waiting, but it is necessarily for the meal to reach readiness.
Pour shurpa into plates and sit at the table! Bon Appetite!