Anor’s guesthouse in Upper Uhum village

Anor’s guesthouse in Upper Uhum village
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Location: 38 km along main road from Yangiqishloq to Nurata, 9 km towards the mountains (navigable road), 4 km on foot
Owners: Shavkat Shokirov, Anor Shokirova

Arnor’s guesthouse is located about an hour’s hike from Uhum village in a remote river valley. It can only be reached on foot as the trafficable road ends about 4 km from the house.

Visitors are accommodated in a half open room on a self constructed traditional clay tapchan called “supa” (see photo). From this supa, which can accommodate up to four people, you can overlook the garden and hear the sound of the little brook. The facility is in use in the warm season (spring, summer and autumn) only. The guesthouse has no electricity, so it is advisable for tourists to bring a torch and charge their camera batteries in advance.

The garden is a flourishing orchard with nut- and fruit trees like cherry, peach, apricot, apple, mulberry and walnut. The host family grows a lot of vegetables; hence most dishes offered in the guesthouse are prepared from self cultivated products.

Located in a beautiful setting, with an excellent view of the mountain peaks, in the immediate vicinity of the Nuratau Nature Reserve the guesthouse is a paradise for nature lovers. However, it is strictly forbidden to enter the core area of the Nuratau State Reserve itself. For bird watchers the area might be particularly rewarding. There is a mountain rivulet near the guesthouse and a brook flowing through the garden. The spring is located about two hundred meters upstream. Next to Anor’s guesthouse there is a holy place called “Avliya”, where an Islamic priest used to live and from where four springs emerge. Shavkat, the owner of the guesthouse, can show interested tourists all the sights of Upper Uhum village.