Yahshigul’s guesthouse in Asraf village

Yahshigul’s guesthouse in Asraf village
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Location:38km along main road from Yangiqishloq to Nurata, 3km into the mountains
Owners: Bobojon Kozokov, Yahshigul Kozokov

Asraf village is located in one of the lush green mountain valleys of the Nuratau range. A crystal clear mountain brook passes through the property right in front of the guesthouse. The house, built from local rocks, has two clean guest rooms furnished with tapchan mattresses. Yahshigul can accommodate up to eight people. An outdoor shower and a pit latrine are on site. A spring provides the family and guests with pure, cold drinking water. In the shade of the big fruit trees in the garden, guests can chose either to relax on one of the two supas (sitting places built out of clay) or on a tapchan. One of these unique comfortable sitting, lying and eating facilities is placed across the rivulet. Reading a book, while listening to the gentle bubbling sound of the water, is a great way to rewind and recall all the impressions of your journey.

Bobojon’s family lives from subsistence farming. Hence many types of fruit trees such as peach, apricot, apple, mulberry, pomegranate and walnuts and a lot of vegetables are grown in the huge garden. Guests will be spoiled by tasty dishes prepared from home grown products. Traditional music performances can easily be arranged for guests in the evening.

The guesthouse in Asraf village is a good starting point for short or long mountain hikes. For more comfort, pack or riding animals can be hired at the guesthouse. The village and its surroundings are rich with natural and historical sites. Two of Bobojon’s sons have been working as guides for some time and are familiar with the mountains.