Djumagul’s guesthouse in Uhum village

Djumagul’s guesthouse in Uhum village
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Location: 38 km along main road from Yangiqishloq to Nurata, 8 km into the mountains
Owners: Bahrom Kasimov, Djumagul Kasimova

Djumagul’s guesthouse is surrounded by a big garden with old shade trees. The house has two guest rooms equipped with tapchan mattresses, where up to eight guests can be accommodated. A reed covered outdoor shower and a village-style toilet are on site. A small mountain river passes the property. It drives a water mill used by local farmers. A hydraulic pump lifts spring water up to the guesthouse without any power consumption. Under the trees in the garden two tapchans invite guests to sit and relax or even sleep upon. Tourists can enjoy the ample birdlife in the garden while reading a book or drinking green tee, which is the most popular beverage in this region.

In the guesthouse there is neither TV reception nor a radio signal or cell phone connection. If necessary, cell phone calls can be made from a hill nearby. The only source of information is the press, which is normally delivered with a delay of about a week. Bahrom loves his peaceful, quiet paradise and believes that the overload of stimulation in the modern world makes people age much faster.

The host is a cheerful, charismatic person. He always finds ways to entertain his guests despite of the language barrier. Tourists will be living in a traditional household and have a chance to see the everyday life of a rural Tajik family. Folklore performances by village musicians and dancers can be organized in the evenings.

Djumagul’s guesthouse is an ideal starting point for easy mountain hikes to the next guesthouse in Upper Uhum village. The host, Bahrom, will introduce you with pleasure to the secrets of donkey riding.
During hikes you will pass by the “Karaul” alp a place that used to be a lookout point in historical times. On the way visitors will have a chance to admire some of the prehistoric rock paintings, ruins of ancient settlements, a fortress and some old mosques.