Kadirovs Guest House

Kadirovs Guest House
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Location: 56, Azik-Tepa Str., Kokand city

Reference point: Silicate-work
Description: The big beautiful house of the Kadirovs is situated in a quiet section (makhalla) of Kokand. It is quite close to the center of the city. In the house everything is ready to welcome guests: spacious rooms, beds and furniture of good quality, two big halls, one of which is a summer room, and the house also has a bathroom. The guest and host sections of the house are separate, with the Kadirov family, consisting of the owner and his wife, the eldest son and his wife, and the younger son and daughter living in the second part. It is a really excellent example of a traditional Uzbek house.There are TV sets in two rooms. And the spacious hall with a big table is quite suitable for mini-conferences and business meetings.

There is a tapchan (a place to rest and eat) on the patio. It is a place where the family and guests can gather and share a meal in the evenings.

Upon guests' wishes, it is possible to order lunch or dinner in the house. Tourists can also hire a car, a Daewoo "Nexia" model, belonging to the owner.
Number of rooms:
1 Single, 3 Double, 1 Spacious Hall