“Porasht” guesthouse in the Eski Forish village

“Porasht” guesthouse in the Eski Forish village
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Location:29km along Yangiqishloq-Nurata road, 1km into the village
Owners: Habib Turdiev, Rohat Turdieva
The guesthouse in Eski (old) Forish is the least remote of all the guesthouses. It is relatively close to the central village of Forish (now renamed and sign posted Yangiqishloq) and has cell phone reception (MTS). As it is located only about 1 km from the main road, it is easily accessible and can be used as a stopover point for trips to the Nuratau Mountains.

“Porasht” guesthouse was established in 2008. It has two nicely decorated guestrooms, where up to six people can be accommodated on tapchan mattresses. In a spate stone building there is a shower and a long-drop toilet with a comfortable seat. The host is very determined to provide good quality services to tourists. In the shady garden of the house three tapchans invite guest to sit, eat and relax from their journey. The meals are prepared from fruits and vegetables cultivated by the host family. If guests are interested to learn more about the work and everyday life of local farmers, the guesthouse owner can take them to his livestock farm, 10 km from Eski Forish, where cheese, butter, yogurt and brynza (dried cottage cheese balls) are produced.

The villagers of Eski Forish are very friendly and hospitable and enjoy having a chat with foreign guests. There are several interesting sights in and around the village. Tourists can visit a river passing through a beautiful mountain gorge and enjoy drinking cold spring water. Traditional handicrafts such as embroidered rugs “suzane”, and “pashta” are produced in the Porasht guesthouse.