Shiringul’s Guesthouse in Hayat village

Shiringul’s Guesthouse in Hayat village
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Location: 38km along main road from Yangiqishloq to Nurata, 9 km towards the mountains
Owners: Parda Musaev, Shiringul Musaeva

Shiringul has been successfully accommodating tourists for several years. The guesthouse has two guest rooms; one furnished in the traditional way with tapchan mattresses, the other one with two beds. In a side building there is an outdoor shower and a long-drop. In the cold season visitors can use the bathhouse which can be heated. In an additional building across the path, three more guestrooms are available. In total Shiringul’s guesthouse can accommodate up to sixteen people. In front of the house, a covered sitting platform provides a great view over the valley and the mountains. A creek passes the huge garden. Guests can relax in the shade of the big walnut trees either using one of the two tapchans or the various tables and benches. In the orchard there is an additional village style garden toilet.

Like most guesthouse owners of the Nuratau Mountain area, the family grows vegetables, keeps livestock (sheep, cows, goats) and poultry and produces their own eggs, meat, butter, yogurt and other milk products. Most of the delicious traditional dishes served by Shiringul are prepared from their own merchandise.

Shiringul’s guesthouse is equipped with two satellite antennas that give tourists the opportunity to keep up on the latest news or watch their favourite TV show. From a prominent spot nearby, tourists have cell phone reception (MTS only).
From a hill near the guesthouse, guests have a chance to observe the rare endemic sheep (Severzov Argali) in a breeding enclosure operated by the Nature Reservation Organisation. As the aim is to release these sheep to the wild, visitors are not allowed to enter the enclosure.