Modern Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country of eternal sun. This is fairy and unique nature, it is an ancient source of oriental culture and civilization? It is a wonderful mix of progressive new ideas with great historical traditions and customs of the people. Uzbekistan is situated in the centre of Central Asia, and has the highest levels of security and stability. Uzbekistan is a country with great opportunities and potential.

Young - modern and at the same time ancient Uzbekistan – is a huge number of architectural monuments and variety of modern buildings and facilities.
Uzbekistan – is a country with developed economy and democracy. It is a reliable partner in the international trade and strong power in world politics. Country`s policy is based on universal principles that have direct connection with the moral and historical customs and traditions of the people. The priority tasks of the domestic and foreign policy are the protection of human rights, establishing favorable conditions for its existence.

Uzbekistan is a complete member of global international relations. During the years of independence (since 1991) Uzbekistan became a member of many international organizations, including UN, there are opened embassies more than 35 countries, in the republic accredited about 88 foreign missions,, there are more than 24 intergovernmental and 13 non-governmental organizations.

Uzbekistan, being formed as a new state embodied the best ideas of our time. When it comes to the industrial sector of the country, it is certainly many years of experience of people, the introduction of new innovative digital technologies, as well as cooperation with developed countries.

The country has created enormous opportunities for culture, sport and education. There are a large number of international and national institutions of higher education, annually producing specialists in various prospective areas. Advanced information-communication environment creates great opportunities for cooperation with foreign educational systems.

From the state pays much attention to the development of sport and healthy generation. Uzbekistan has successfully participated in international sports competitions, tournaments and championships, and, of course, in the Olympic Games in different sports. Athletes of the Republic take honorary prizes at international sports competitions. At home and abroad are carried out large-scale events on the national mind control "Kurash".

Uzbek customs and traditions that have survived to this day have its own unique specificity and are distinguished by their originality. It is in Uzbekistan, you can meet the deep cultural and spiritual heritage, developed over many centuries, and the newly disclosed under current conditions.


Modern Uzbekistan - Theatres of Uzbekistan

Theatres of Uzbekistan

The history of one of the oldest and most famous theaters of the country - the State Big Academic Theatre of opera and ballet named after Alisher Navoy is connected with creation in 1926 of the first national-ethnographical ensemble under the leadership of Mukhiddin Kari-Yakubov. After such musical plays as "Arshin Mal Alan" by U.Gadjibekov, "Rizavarchi" by A.Karmelinsky, "Halima" by G.Zafary had been …

Modern Uzbekistan - Bazaar in Uzbekistan

Bazaar in Uzbekistan

This bazaar is located in the very heart of so called Old Town of the capital, next to Chorsu square. Eski Juva has been operating at almost one and the same place for over two thousand years. Tashkent is known to be founded in the 2nd - 1st century B.C. in a fertile oasis to act as an important trade center at an intersection of the Great Silk caravan routes. Initially, there was a group of four small …

Modern Uzbekistan - Holidays and Festivals of Uzbekistan

Holidays and Festivals of Uzbekistan

Holidays: January 1 - New Year January 14 - Day of defenders of the Native land March 8 - International Women’s Day March 21 - Navruz May 9 - Day of memory and honor September 1 - Independence Day October 1 - Day of teachers and instructors December 8 - The Constitution Day New year (January, 1st) Is the first day of New Year. New Year is widely celebrated worldwide and at various …