Health farm "Chiman Orormgohi"

Health farm "Chiman Orormgohi"
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Tashkent region, Chimgan tract, 90 km to Tashkent.


It's not just a hotel, it is a health farm on the whole. "Chimgan Orormgohi" consists of several nine-floor blocks and a lot of cottages. It's infrastructure includes restaurant, bar, night club, billiard hole, tennis court, sauna, covered and opened pools, massage rooms, covered and opened sport platform, 4 conference-halls, business center, laundry and exchange office. In present only 1 block is working, and maybe until spring. Then all 3 block will be taken on general reconstruction and development plan for Chimgan-Charvak holiday area of Republic of Uzbekistan. Cable cars are at about 100 meters to health farm. There are 11 rooms on each floor. 1st floor is an administrative: reception, mini-bar, accounts office, teleohone exchange, police station, playroom (tennis, billiard, shooting gallery). On the second floor over the playroom is restaurant located, further up - cinema.