The "Nebesa" resort

The "Nebesa" resort
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Location: Tashkent region, Chimgan village, 1 km from "Sky Village" resort, 2 km from cable car.

Description: There are 3 cottages made from natural wood. The air in the wooden house always clean, humidity and oxegen balance are supported on the optimal level, and it's not dependent on outside conditions. It is really difficul to think of anithing better than treated natural wooden surface with this nique pattern. Rooms like this are full of spirit, and warm "sunny" color of the living space creates unique psychologic climate that makes your mood and feelings better. Full-lilled rest could be only in this type of house. The pine-tree is absolutely ecological natural material. Unforgettable room interface makes rooms especially comfortable. Indescribable outside mountain view will keep unforgettable impressions in your memory for along time.

Quantity of places: 7 rooms ( one-sized rooms - 4, double-sized luxury rooms - 3)