The tract of Aktash is one of the most beautiful places in the foothills of the Tien Shan Mountains. It is located 60 kilometers from Tashkent city, in the place of spur of Karjantau ridge. It stands out among the mountain resorts with its distinctive, extremely mild climate. At these relatively low altitude of 1100-1200 meters above a sea level, summer is never too hot, the highest temperatures in July reaches only + 24 C, and autumn is not in a hurry with its arrival. Thus, at the time when a deep snow already is lying on the slopes of Chimgan for many days, dense virgin forests of the tract do not lose their bright colors, delighting the eye, even during the cloudiest day.
 Lush vegetation seemed to have absorbed the low domed tops, and even these days, everything here looks like a wild primeval forest. You wonder how mountain rivers of Aktash and Ayubsay with numerous tributaries can push through this dense forest.
But it was not always this way. By 1898 year, these places were almost bare slopes of tumbled mudslide soils. For the current prosperity, we should thank the responsible people, and namely, the Russian military rangers N.V. Pischikov and Deysha, who were led by S.U. Ranuer to plant trees throughout the mountain slopes. They performed it laboriously, the seedling by seedling, paying a careful attention to the exposure of landscapes, watering of the soil and the compatibility of rocks. Eventually, people achieved their goal, there is no any debris in these places any more.
 It is hard to believe that the current rage of nature is actually the handiwork, but the terraces, climbing from the foot to the top of the hills, are really carefully planted with organically blended apple, walnut, cherry plum, oaks, maples and ash trees.
Generally, this area is famous for its trees.
Not far from Aktash, in the village of Haydanlyk, about 6 kilometers below, an "energy point" of the entire surrounding area is located. This is a gigantic tree of sycamore, growing perhaps, not for one thousand years on the shore of a mountain stream. That relict giant had 21 meters in the girth, and a huge tree stump of a parent tree, which unfortunately did not survive, nowadays gives birth to seven spikes, trunks of which, in turn, already have three meters in diameter. Native inhabitants call this natural phenomenon like “Etty ogayny" which means "Seven comrades”. And indeed, like hugging his best friend, giant tree trunks at a height interlock tightly, forming a green dome which tops its tower. This tree is famous also by the fact that it usually drops after al and the leaves remain green almost until December.
At the foot of a giant tree, the scientists found burials in the form of mounds, which is characteristic for the nomadic cultures of II-IV century AD. And at the center of the village, the ruins of the ancient city lie, now resting on the bottom of a small hill.
The originality of the name of Aktash tract goes back to the middle of the XIX century, when a gemstone called agalmatolit being completely white, was mined in these areas. "Ok Tosh”, in translation means "white stone". But today, there is no industry around Aktash, and in combination with an abundance of forests, this place is considered to be the cleanest on Earth. No wonder that local residents are the most long-lived in Uzbekistan.
A recreation complex of "Aktashsay” is located namely here, in a mountain gorge.
This recreation area is famous for its favorable microclimate, healing Alpine air, specially-grown herbs and shrubs.
Everything here is favorable for holding a climatotherapy - treatment and prevention of many diseases of the respiratory system, central nervous system and others, to conduct a period of rehabilitation after surgeries, illnesses and injuries.
These days, "Aktashsay" is not used to be a strictly balneological resort. Everyone who desires to relax, breathe a healthful air that is infused with herbs, wander through the green thickets, to listen in a silence gurgling mountain streams, enjoy the natural beauty, meditate and just to sleep well, away from the noise of a big city, should necessarily visit this wonderful corner of our country.