Uzbek Visa

Uzbekistan visa

All citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan could cross (within  60 days) the border of  Uzbekistan without visa, because Uzbekistan has signed bilateral agreement about regime with "no visa required" with countries of CIS, excepting Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.
Citizens of Russia should cross the border by international passport (issued for foreign travel, as opposed to internal passport). Citizens of other countries should obligatory obtain Uzbekistan visa. Visa of the republic of Uzbekistan is arranged on the base of Invitation Letter (VSL / visa support letter, LOI / letter of invitation).
Below you will find the list of countries which citizens can get Uzbekistan visa directly without Invitation Letter at the consular department of the Uzbek embassies:

  1. Austria,
  2. Belgium,
  3. Great Britain,
  4. Germany,
  5. Spain,
  6. Italy,
  7. Latvia,
  8. Malaysia,
  9. France,
  10. Switzerland,
  11. Japan,
  12. USA.

If you need Uzbekistan invitation letter for travel we can provide thisservice  and be inviting part/ To arrang letter of invitation trough our company you have to send us following in formation listed below no later than one month before you trip:

  • Full name ( Mr  /Mrs ________ )
  • Citizenship
  • Date & place of birth (Please indicate country and city of birth)
  • Passport number, date of issue and date of expire
  • Home stay (full address and telephone number)
  • Place of work and occupation (this issue should include name of organization, city of its location, full address and telephone and your working position)
  • Place of visa issue (country where is the embassy of Uzbekistan or where is convenient for you to get the visa)
  • Periods of your stay in Uzbekistan
  • Passport copy (scaned copy of your passport high resolution)

Uzbekistan tourist visa could be obtain at the consular department at the Embassy of Uzbekistan. Please, look through the list of the countries where Uzbekistan embassy is available. In case there is no Uzbek embassy in your country you can get Uzbekistan visa in one of the neighbor countries where Uzbekistan embassy is located or at the consular department of the Tashkent International Airport.
To obtain Uzbekistan visa foreign citizens should apply the following documents to the consular department of Uzbekistan embassy:

-passport with  expiration date exceeding the expiration date of  the visa not less than in three month;
- filled set application form in duplicate
-2 (two) photos of passport standard.

To obtain transit Uzbekistan visa foreigners with mentioned above documents also should apply the visa of the state where you follow with confirmed date of the departure from Uzbekistan till that country.
The request for getting Uzbekistan visa in that case is under MFA consideration for 3 work days. Usually request is under consideration of the MFA of Uzbekistan for 7-10 work days.  In case of urgency the term of consideration is 3 work days, but the tariff of the visa increases in 50 %.
Visa-free regime is set for the terms within 90 days for the diplomatic passport holders of the following countries:
1. Hungary
2. Rumania
3. Slovakia
4. Turkey
Accredited officials of the diplomatic missions of the international organizations could stay without visa at the territory of the Sides during the whole period of working.
There is visa free regime with Rumania and Slovakia for the service passport holders within 90 days of staying.
Uzbekistan and Japan in the base of mutual foundation give visas without getting consular fees.

The following tariffs of the consular fees for the Uzbek visas are set by the legislation of Republic of Uzbekistan:

а) for the single-entry visas:

- Within 7 days - 40 US $;
- within 15 days - 50 US$;
- within 30 – 60 US$;
- within 3 month - 80 US $;
- within 6 month - 120 US$;
- within 1 year - 160 US $.

Note: with each additional multiplicity of the visa the tariff increases in 10 US$.

b) for multiple visas:
- Within 6 month - 150 US $;
- within 1year - 250 US $.

c) transit visas:
- Within 24 hrs - 20 US $;
- within 48 hrs - 25 US $;
- within 72 hrs – 30 US $;
- for the double-entry transit visa  - 40 US $.

d) for the group visa (with not less than 10 persons in group, excluding children younger than 16 year):
- within 15 days - 15 US $/person;
- within 30 days - 25 US $/person.

For the visa arrangement it is also possible to pay fees on account of compensation of the actual expenses. The tariff of those fees depends on the place of visa arrangement (regardless of citizenship of the applicant).
Note: there could be another order of Uzbek visa arrangement for the citizens of some countries , having  corresponding bilateral agreements.